It is YOUR decision how often Silly will come (each night, once a week, or just the night before St. Patrick's Day.)   Children can (and should!) enjoy playing with the Silly McGilly doll all throughout the day; just remember to place him by the window at night to signal that you're ready for a trick.   Whether or not Silly comes to play a trick doesn't have anything to do with children's behavior, but if that's something you'd like to implement in your tradition,  that is your choice.  St. Patrick's Day eve is the last night Silly can play a trick, as he must return back home to Ireland to celebrate.

Silly McGilly LOVES visiting homes and classrooms to play tricks throughout the St. Patrick's Day season.  Here's how Silly McGilly's magic works: each evening that you are ready for a trick to be played, place the Silly McGilly doll by the window-- this is the signal to the "real" Silly McGilly that you are ready for a visit.  

Silly McGilly's Leprechaun Tricks and Tradition

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We hope Silly will bring fun and excitement to your St. Patrick's day celebration for years to come.  

​​Click HERE for tricks Silly  has played in homes before.  Click HERE for tricks Silly is famous for in classrooms.  

Silly McGilly's  Leprechaun Tricks and Tradition

Silly McGilly